It’s never too early to start planning for a growing family.
Give your loved ones the gift of peace of mind.
Work, travel, and enjoy your life with the comfort that you are prepared with all the tools you need to protect your hard-earned property.

Estate PlanningNguonly Veracruz

We design and implement an
estate plan after undertaking a full evaluation and analysis of you and/or your families’ individual circumstances

Medi-Cal PlanningNguonly Veracruz

Careful planning can help you qualify for Medi-Cal Long Term Care Benefits and ensure that your assets and hard earned wealth are not subject to any reimbursement claims from the state.

From CLUTS to CLATS to GRATS, the lawyers at Nguonly | Veracruz understand instruments and tools to customize an advanced estate plan for your specific needs.

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Why Us?

Personal Attention

Personal attention is important in all cases, whether they involve businesses tangled up in business law disputes or individuals looking for assistance handling civil litigation. It’s important because it allows us to get to know the needs of every client. After all, we can’t meet our clients’ needs if we don’t know what they are.
When you turn to us for help with a legal issue, you will have an experienced lawyer by your side from the start of your case to the finish. You won’t be passed from one hand to the next. When you need to talk to someone about your case, your lawyer will be there for you.

Proactive Lawyering

Most of the time, when individuals and businesses turn to us for help, they have a resolution in mind. More often than not, that resolution is based on the client’s short-term needs.  Sometimes, the client’s short-term needs don’t mesh with the client’s long-term needs. Our attorneys are proactive in spotting these discrepancies and coming up with solutions that make sense now and into the future.

Passionate Firm

At the law firm of Nguonly Veracruz, we pride ourselves in meeting the legal needs of individuals and businesses in Orange County and the surrounding areas of California.
Our clients come back to us for all of their legal issues because we provide results. Not only that — we also provide those results efficiently and cost-consciously.  When you enlist our law firm, you can expect to work with attorneys who are committed to providing results for businesses and individuals.

Our Attorneys

Esther A. Nguonly

Attorney at Law

Darren S. Veracruz

Attorney at Law